Domain Name Resellers

Domain Name Resellers

The reseller is an individual who works on a commission basis. They are paid per sale. The benefit of a resellers program is twofold. It allows an individual to earn some money by selling a product and provides the primary seller with added marketing for their product.

The primary seller may provide some marketing tools such as a web site or perhaps clickable banners and text links. It is up to the reseller to get their links in front of a lot of people. Your banner or link will probably be imbedded with your identification code so if someone who clicks on your link and buys a product or registers a domain, you will get the credit. Marketing is usually the hardest part of the selling process. It may take a while to find a marketing ad or phrase that will catch attention and persuade web searchers to click on it and ultimately make a purchase.

Some sellers require domain name resellers to provide payment and then collect from the buyer when the product is delivered. That can be risky and unless you, as the reseller, are making decent income from a sale, you will have to decide if that strategy is worth your effort. Especially, if you have to chase the buyer if there payment is no good. You might find yourself with excess products you can’t use if the buyer doesn’t come up with payment. Be sure the seller has a return policy.

Another version of a reseller program may be the seller sets a base price for the product and the reseller sells the product for whatever they can get for it. The domain name resellers may mark all prices up by $5 so the payment to the reseller will be the difference between the base price and the sold at price. Occasionally, a reseller may be required to pay a member fee for the privilege of selling someone else’s products. These types of programs hopefully come with some training assistance to help the reseller make money and not feel like they were abandoned. It does take some instruction to be a salesperson and the seller certainly wants their sales people to be successful.

When you become a reseller, it is important that you are well versed with the product. Domain name resellers need to learn everything there is to know about registering a domain name, what is involved, the cost involved, what the terms of registration are, renewing your domain, being assigned dns numbers, web hosting and the domain is found.. the information you should know is endless. You may be asking why you need to know anything except how to sell. Most folks are into one stop shopping. If they can get all their questions answered by you, you have a better chance of making a sale and in the future a repeat sale.

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