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How to Choose a Geriatric Home Don’t select a geriatric home for today’s needs only. Look for one that can also satisfy the elderly person’s needs months and years forward. To do this, there are a few major considerations you need to make. Care Before Appearance First off, while a geriatric care home should be neat, fresh-smelling and in perfect order, remember that you are ultimately looking for GOOD CARE, not a hotel-like atmosphere.
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Take notice of the residents and staff interacting with one another. Does it look like the residents are happy and satisfied? Sad and withdrawn? Do the carers treat residents more as adults or more like young children? If something feels wrong based on your observation, this may be a sign that the home is understaffed, or the staff do not fully understand the psycho-social needs of elderly people. To a significant extent, how the residents are treated by the staff will affect their quality of life in the home more than any other factor could. Rental and Patient Agreement Be sure to go through the rental contract or patient agreement very thoroughly. 41Take it home if needed. Go through the charges and watch out for extra charges. What items will not be covered in the contract? Skip any facility that will not itemize your costs in written form. Also important for you to consider is how long ahead you’re expected to let them know about your plans to move a resident out of the facility, just in case you find reason to. Food and Meals Food is usually one of the few pleasures that geriatric home residents can enjoy on a day to day basis. Bland food or limited food variety can seriously affect the quality of life of an elderly person. State Licensing Inspection Survey All geriatric homes have violations, but what you should look out for in the survey are violations that boil down to negligent patient care. On the other hand, if a facility has so many simple or even trivial violations, this can be a sign of potentially bigger problems to come. Director of Nurses Each geriatric home will have a Director of Nurses, and it is important to speak to him or her before choosing the facility for your loved one. When talking to the D.O.N., find out about their professional experience and whether or not their philosophy of care is acceptable to you. It is the D.O.N. who sets the standards for care in a facility. If that professional is good at their job and has the support of management, then care must good in that home. Otherwise, you could be dealing with issues directly involving patient care.